Senior-Friendly Bathroom Options

Fostering independence and safety during the private activities that come along with using the bathroom helps maintain an aging person’s dignity, and that begins by outfitting the bathroom to meet their needs. Without making the necessary adjustments to the bathroom to accommodate an aging person’s mobility needs, aging in place without outside assistance just wouldn’t be possible.

Using the bathroom effectively and safely, whether it’s using the toilet, faucet, shower, or tub can be difficult. Along with age comes the loss of strength and mobility. That means standing from a seated position after using the toilet or standing for an extended period of time to use the shower isn’t possible. Fortunately, there are bathroom modifications geared toward helping seniors navigate the bathroom with ease.

Senior-friendly bathroom modifications include walk-in tubs, roll-in showers, shower seats, ADA complaints toilets, automated sink faucets, and grab bars. Additional modifications could include motion-activated lighting, anti-scald devices, raised electrical outlets, custom handrails, widened doorways, and tub lifts.

With some smart modifications, elderly residents can be safe and feel secure in every room of their home, and that includes the bathroom. Contact Home Access Remodeling to learn more about building a more senior-friendly bathroom.

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