VPLs - Porch Lifts - Remodeling for Handicapped Accessibility

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Porch & Vertical Platform Lifts

Offering disability remodeling in KS, MO and greater KC, Home Access Remodeling installs porch lifts to help you safely access your home. Porch lifts, often referred to as vertical platform lifts, or VPLs, are often a good alternative to a ramp because they take up substantially less space. Porch lifts, or VPLs are often used in attached garages for this reason.

Remodeling for handicapped accessibility is the only thing we do.  Wheelchair home modifications allow you to remain in the home you love.  Call us today for an evaluation.

Porch / VPL Lift features:

  • Installs in one day
  • Battery powered to allow for operation during a power outage
  • Low maintenance
  • Weatherproof
  • Has a small footprint
  • Good ramp alternative
  • High weight capacity