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Grab Bars

Grab Bars


Age in Place with Grab Bars from Home Access Remodeling

Home Access Remodeling has developed specialized tools and techniques that allow us to install grab bars into a wide variety of surfaces including tile, fiberglass, drywall, and many natural and man-made materials.

Types of Grab Bars


Straight Grab Bars

We stock straight grab bars in the following lengths: 12″, 16″, 24″, 32″, 36″, 42″, and 48″. These bars are available in either 1 ¼” of 1 ½” diameters and all parts are stainless steel. The flanges and bar are welded together to create a solid, single piece unit that is rated to support in excess of 400 lbs. The grab bars have concealed flange covers that help to create a non-institutional design. Home Access Remodeling stocks white and stainless steel but can get any finish or custom color you would like.


Towel Bar with Integrated Support Rail

The Towel Bar with Integrated Support Rail adds a little flare to any bathing area. The 16″/41cm or 24″/61cm towel bar provides ample space to display any towel set while the graceful arc of the integrated support rail creates a functional design element. Professional grade construction and superior quality fittings ensure years of uncompromising support. Meticulously designed wall interface stems render mounting areas virtually invisible. While two-point contact with the wall structure is standard for most support rails and bathroom accessories, much of the Invisia Collection overachieves with up to 4 points of contact for maximum structural support. Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.


Angled Grab Bars

The images on the left represent just a small portion of the designs and sizes that are available in angled grab bars. Home Access Remodeling has access to grab bars with almost any configuration imaginable and can even have custom grab bars fabricated to fit any situation. Call us if you have a specific size or design you are interested in.


PT Rail™

The PT Rail is an incredibly solid, offset support rail that features professional grade design for home or facility use. You can choose from a hinged or fixed model, wall or floor mount, depending on installation requirements. The hinged P.T. Rail easily folds up to store out of the way and will not accidentally fall down causing an impact injury. You can add a Toilet Roll Holder to any P.T. Rail to eliminate the need for unnecessary reaching and twisting.


PT Rail™ Angled

The PT Rail Angled is an exceptionally solid rail that provides support in areas where two or three stairs are found. It mounts to virtually any wall with basic structural reinforcements. A floor mount is also available. It features adjustable rail angles, with an adjustment screw to customize rail angles to suit even the steepest stairs. It easily folds up to store out of the way. A machined precision tension fit hinge creates stable, rock-solid support. The PT Rail Angled offers an excellent support option for sunken living rooms, garage entryways or anywhere else two and three step stairs are found. It can also be mounted at the threshold of a Jacuzzi tub or large corner tub for optimal support.


Extend A Hand Grab Bar (EAH)

EAH is the world’s only patented folding and locking grab bar. EAH is your full solution, fall prevention grab bar device. EAH is two products built into one. It starts with a conventional grab bar that mounts directly to wall studs made of wood or steel. The second component is the extension arm. It is a easy lift auto-locking mechanism that can withstand over 600 lbs. of weight. The arm extends out 12″ when raised into position. Home Access Remodeling typically installs this product in shower or toilet areas to help our client’s raise from a seated position.



The SuperPole is an incredibly solid, expansion fit, floor to ceiling pole. It is helpful for sitting and standing and can be installed in virtually any room. You can place the support exactly where it is needed for valuable assistance beside a bed, bath, toilet or chair. Simply turn the screw at the bottom of the pole and the pole will expand between the floor and ceiling, creating unparalleled sturdiness and reliability. Rubber pads on the floor and ceiling plates prevent marking, even on a stipple ceiling.


SuperPole™ with SuperBar™

The SuperPole with SuperBar is an award winning, innovative, horizontal pivoting and locking bar that mounts to the SuperPole. The SuperBar is great way to improve safety with additional gripping and weight bearing support. There are 8 locking positions around the SuperPole. A gentle lift unlocks the bar. Keep the bar up to move freely, let the bar down to lock. It’s a perfect fit for around the bath or toilet where limited space can make it difficult for a wheelchair, walker or rollator.


Stainless Steel SuperPole™

The Stainless Steel SuperPole offers all of the safety features of a standard SuperPole. You can install it anywhere support is needed, unlike grab bars which are limited to the nearest wall. It’s also ideal for accessible showers where well-placed support can help to reduce slips and falls. A 3-way seal in the base prevents standing water build up and the growth of bacteria. Plus it will never rust, stain or corrode providing years of worry free maintenance.


Advantage Rail™

The Advantage Rail is a floor mounted pivoting and locking horizontal rail. It is excellent where ceiling restrictions prevent a floor to ceiling pole. Perfect for beside a toilet, bed or chair. The Advantage Rail has 8 locking positions. A gentle lift unlocks the rail to start it moving. Keep the rail up to move freely, let the rail down to lock; allowing for 8 locking positions. It is also height adjustable. You can push or pull on the rail to assist with sitting, standing or moving. To help prevent a forward fall, the rail will lock if released. For added convenience, it is portable. The Rail can quickly secure and release from a low profile, floor mounted plate. Install additional floor plates to use the rail in multiple locations.



The Dependa-Bar™ locks every 45° (5 positions), providing a support rail that moves with user. Maximize bathing safety with a beautifully contoured plastic seating surface that includes a soap dish and handle. Fits most standard bathtub widths (15″-25″/40-60cm).