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Elevators from Home Access Remodeling 

With a Stiltz home elevator, you will enjoy every inch of your home — downstairs and upstairs!

Why renovate or move when there’s no need? A Stiltz HomeLift is the safest, most convenient, most versatile way of getting between floors when stairs have become a challenge.

What’s so special about a Stiltz HomeLift?

  • It’s safe. A battery backup lowers the lift in a power outage. Sensors stop the lift if something is in the way. And a phone is available in case of emergency.
  • It’s versatile. With different models and sizes, our elevators fit one to three people – or even a wheelchair.
  • It fits just about anywhere. Install your lift through the floor, in a stairwell, or up to a landing. No supporting walls required.
  • It’s quiet. Our electric drive system is very quiet. No noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems are involved.
  • It’s an extra pair of hands. Comfortably and confidently move laundry, suitcases, vacuum cleaners – even the family pet.With a Stiltz home elevator, you will enjoy every inch of your home — downstairs and upstairs!

Types of Elevators

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Duo Alta

A Compact and Versatile HomeLiftThe Stiltz DuoAlta home elevator is designed to make it easier for you to move around the house. Are the stairs a bit much these days? Or are planning ahead by future-proofing? Either way, you’ll find that the Duo Alta fits discreetly into any home.


With the smallest footprint of any home elevator, the Stiltz Duo Alta is designed to fit anywhere in your home. The lift fit one or two people — as well as laundry, groceries or even the family pet.

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The Spacious Luxury HomeLift The Stiltz TrioAlta is a larger home elevator designed to comfortably carry a full-sized wheelchair. The clear body helps it blend into your home, and the unique shape means the rails are discreetly recessed behind the slightly wider entrance/exit.


The Stiltz Trio Alta will comfortably fit two to three people or even a full-sized wheelchair with a helper. To reduce floor space, the rails are neatly recessed behind the entrance and exit, which are wider.

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