Disability Remodeling in KS, MO and Greater KC – A Stairlift to Get You Upstairs


Home Access Remodeling is a stairlift installation company serving Kansas City and Columbia, Missouri. There are two primary types of stairlifts.  Straight stairlifts are installed in stairways without a landing, bend, or turn.  Custom or curved stairlifts are installed in stairways with a landing or turn. Our stairlift installation company in Kansas City can accommodate both straight and curved stairways.

Home Access Remodeling provides disability remodeling in KS, MO and covers the entire KC area.  Wheelchair home modifications allow you to live safely and independently at home. Remodeling for handicapped accessibility is something Home Access Remodeling provides to allow people to live in their homes for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the stairlift damage the walls?

No. A stairlift is installed into the stair steps, not the walls.

Will there be room to walk by the stairlift?

Yes.  The stairlift footrest, seat, and arms can all be folded-up to allow enough room to walk by.

Does the stairlift work in case of a power outage?

The stairlift is powered by batteries and can operate multiple times in case of a power outage.  When not in use, the lift is parked in a location that allows it to be charged.

How can I move the stairlift down the stairs if it is parked upstairs?

The stairlift has two remote controls that can be placed at the top and bottom of the stairs. They allow you to move the stairlift without riding it.

Can the stairlift be removed?

It is very easy to remove and will typically only leave small holes in the steps.

How long does it take to install?

Our Kansas City stairlift installation company usually only takes 3-8 hours for the installation process.