Accessible Bathrooms/Roll-In Showers

Accessible Bathrooms

Roll-in Shower(4)

An accessible bathroom is critical for those wanting to remain in their home. Key features often include a roll-in shower, walk-in tub, and an accessible sink. Adequate room to maneuver is important. Home Access Remodeling will work with you to design a bathroom space that meets your individual needs.


Roll-in Showers

A roll-in shower has no or very little threshold, allowing easy access for someone to easily roll in using a shower chair. To provide the room required to accommodate a shower chair, roll-in showers often need to be substantially larger than a traditional shower.

Walk-in Tub

Accessible Sink

Home Access Remodeling designs and builds accessible sinks / roll-under vanities to meet the needs of the user.  Countertop height, drawer locations, and faucet type are all customized.

Walk-In Tub

Walk-in tubs are often preferred for therapeutic or relaxation purposes. Options include air or water jets, quick drain systems, dedicated water heaters, and others.