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Roll-In Showers

Roll-In Showers

Home Access Remodeling is an accessible bathroom specialist. Many of our clients have bathtubs or shower stalls with thresholds that make the shower inaccessible and/or too unsafe. We are able to install a shower which makes our clients feel comfortable and secure while bathing.


Barrier Free Showers

A barrier-free shower typically has a threshold that is no higher than 2 ½". When one considers that the average tub step-over height is 15" and the standard shower threshold height is 6", it is obvious to see how much safer and more accessible a barrier free shower can be.


Roll-in Showers

A roll-in shower is defined by the fact that it has no threshold whatsoever and allows for a seamless transition from the bathroom floor to the shower floor. Obviously, given the name, this type of shower is ideally suited for users in a wheelchair who need to be able to effortlessly enter/exit the shower area.


Wet Room

A wet room is essentially a large shower that has a toilet and vanity in it. A wet room will typically have one or two central drains and all areas of the room will be waterproofed. This design allows for a very open area that creates the ultimate accessible shower.