Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Sink Options

We’ve discussed at length in previous blog posts about the importance of and options for handicap accessible bathroom accommodations. Everyone, no matter their age, wants privacy and independence while using the shower and toilet. We’ve outlined the benefits of roll-in showers for those using a wheelchair, how important grab bars are in allowing a senior aging-in-place to be able to stand or sit safely when using the toilet or shower, as well as other safety features that can be installed to make the space more accommodating to aging adults.

An essential item we haven’t discussed is the bathroom sink. A wheelchair accessible sink is necessary for the safety and comfort of a wheelchair user. When it comes to wheelchair users and those with mobility issues, not all bathroom washbasins are the same.  A wheelchair accessible sink is customized for height, clearance, and depth, in order to make them more accessible to wheelchair users. New designs, however, include height adjustability for multiple users, safety rails for weakened users, and easy-to-clean surfaces, among other features. Wheelchair accessible sinks can make routine hygiene tasks safer and more comfortable for disabled or mobility impaired individuals.


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