Why choose Home Access Remodeling (HAR) for your SAH home modification grant project?


  • As an experienced SAH contractor, HAR knows how to best meet the needs of our veteran clients and the SAH grant requirements in order to complete your project efficiently.


  • Accessibility projects are the ONLY thing we do. Because of our focus on accessibility HAR has contracts in place with many suppliers of accessibility specific products such as stairlifts, vertical platform lifts “porch lifts, and many other products.  HAR receives factory training and favorable pricing from many of these suppliers.


  • We know how to collaborate with our clients, family members, care givers, and often Occupational Therapists, to propose specialty products and living environments that best meet the existing and future needs of the veteran


  • Our dedicated SAH Packet Preparation Specialist is trained to accurately prepare the numerous SAH grant forms required. This drastically reduces the amount of time required to get grant project approval by limiting the back and forth communications between the contractor and SAH Specialist that would otherwise be needed to address revisions for improperly prepared forms.


  • Familiarity with the SAH Minimum Property Requirements (MPRs) and an understanding of various possible solutions available to meet each property requirement.


  • Adept at designing solutions that meet BOTH the SAH grant Minimum Property Requirements (MPR’s) and the needs of the veteran.  The veteran’s current or future needs may call for a solution above and beyond the MPR’s (larger than required shower is a common example) 


  • Works with an architect that has a great deal of experience rendering drawings and plans that meet the very technical and specific requirements of the SAH grant, which substantially decreases the time needed to come up with plans that are approved by the SAH Specialist.


  • Awareness of project funding limitations. Contractor will need to start the project before any funding is received from SAH grant.  This can also be a limiting factor many contractors and HAR is aware of this limitation.


  • HAR is fully insured with Worker’s Compensation and General Liability in place.