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Stair lifts

Stair lifts


Home Access Remodeling has developed specialized tools and techniques that allow us to install grab bars into a wide variety of surfaces including tile, fiberglass, drywall, and many natural and man-made materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are stairlifts installed and will it mark-up the walls?

A stairlift gets installed into the tread of the stair steps, so no part of the lift ever comes in contact with the walls.

Won’t the stairlift take up the majority of the stairway?

No. When the stairlift is not in use the footrest, seat, and arms can all be folded-up to create a compact unit that resides out of the way until called upon.

How do I use the stairlift in case of a power outage?

The stairlift operates on batteries. When the lift is not being used it resides at its charging location which keeps the batteries constantly charged. In the event of an electrical outage the lift can be operated multiple times before needing to be re-charged.I am concerned about having enough room to enter and exit the seat of the stairlift. The seat on the stairlifts that Home Access Remodeling provides can swivel 90 degrees to permit unobstructed access when entering/exiting the lift.

What happens if the stairlift is at the other end of the stair when I need to use it?

When we install the stairlift, Home Access Remodeling provides a “call” button on each floor that will bring the chair to you. I’m not sure about how the stairlift is going to look in my home.The stairlifts that we install have a compact, clean looking rail and chair system. Also, the manufacturers have a wide range of upholstery colors to choose from that will match almost any décor.I am concerned about resale down the road.

Can the stairlift be removed if necessary?

Yes. In most cases we install the lift into carpeted stairs and when the lift is removed there is little if any signs of a previous installation.